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Mercedes-Benz GLE

Choose a Mercedes-Benz GLE for more intelligent motoring. The revered manufacturer has brought many of its pioneering systems and advanced technologies into this purposeful model for efficient, safe and reliable driving. Benefit from custom-engineered driving modes, hands-free infotainment and much more.

Select from sophisticated SUV and coupé body styles, and powerful petrol and diesel engines. In either case the GLE feels highly capable, particularly in the coupé style where V6 engines make their power clear from the first pedal press. Standard equipment is consistent and extensive, coupled with the ability to precisely customise options and accessories.

The new edition SUV is one of several Mercedes-Benz models available as a hybrid vehicle. It can run solely on electric power for 18 miles, which is a particular advantage on short city journeys. The drastically increased efficiency of the hybrid option appeals particularly to business motorists looking to cut their running costs.

For more information on the new Mercedes-Benz GLE, follow the relevant links on this page. You can also pay a visit to your local Drayton Mercedes-Benz showroom, call the sales team, or submit an enquiry online at any time.