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Smart launches special-edition Disturbing London models for 2017

We are delighted to announce that smart has launched two special edition Brabus Disturbing London cars. The iconic German supermini manufacturer has collaborated with Disturbing London – a record label founded by musician Tinie Tempah and his manager Dumi Oburota – to create a limited run of Fortwo and Forfour models aimed at a metropolitan, millennial audience.

According to Dumi Oburota, ‘new luxe’ is the name of the game here in these exclusive models, which he also characterises as complex yet simple. To achieve a fresh-faced aesthetic that appeals to a younger audience, these special-edition variants boast a sharp black paint finish with a distinctive rose gold interior, along with matching exterior detailing for a stylish finishing touch. Based on smart’s Brabus sport models, each of these cars is equipped with a 90bhp turbocharged petrol engine paired with super-smooth, six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission – so you can rely on it for superior performance wherever you roam.

The exclusive design also takes inspiration from the Converse brand – a simple footwear brand that can be dressed up or down to achieve the look you want, and has changed with the times while keeping the same, iconic silhouette. The development of the Disturbing London smart cars has drawn on this idea with the incorporation of a timeless, unisex design due to the flawless mix of rose gold and black matt that creates a striking finish inside and out.

When it comes to equipment to simplify urban driving, there’s no shortage on board the Disturbing London smart cars. As standard, you’ll receive sophisticated Brabus detailing and intelligent rear parking sensors to make squeezing into those tight spots a breeze. Opt for the Premium equipment line and you’ll benefit from a height-adjustable wheel and driver’s seat to achieve your optimum position, along with smart’s entertaining media package and electrically adjustable exterior mirrors to enhance your in-town driving experience.

The brand partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Disturbing London began at the start of Tinie Tempah’s career – and it first expanded to encapsulate Distributing London in the smart range in 2015. The latest 2017 partnership is designed to bring the Disturbing London ethos and inspiration from the world of music, fashion and design to smart’s very own environmentally aware, urban audience – with these exclusive, luxe models.

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