Save thousands against list price on nearly new Mercedes-Benz

Nearly New Mercedes-Benz

Save £000s against list price with on nearly new Mercedes-Benz cars

We have a selection of 18 reg Mercedes-Benz with fantastic savings against list price. These cars really are "Best of Both" you get that new car feel and smell at the price of an Approved Used Mercedes-Benz plus these cars are in stock and ready or you to drive away!

These cars are available across The West Midlands, Stoke, Staffordshire, Shrewsbury and Worcestershire... So don't miss out!

Enquire above and arrange a test drive and you could be driving away in an 18 plate Mercedes-Benz.

Here's a selection of the savings to be had, call us and we'll have the right car for you!

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

This is your chance to own this iconic car at a fantastic price.

Model Colour List Price Price Now Save
DN18 VNK A180 AMG Line Cosmos Black £26,395 £22,890 £3,505
VX18 YPZ A180d AMG Line Caravansite Blue £27,470 £23,245 £4,225
VK18 0DF A180d Sport Polar Silver £27,870 £22,245 £5,625
VX18 YTF A200 AMG Line Cosmos Black £28,665 £23,940 £4,725
DN18 VNL A200d AMG Line Cirrus White £31,940 £24,945 £6,995
BX18 PCZ A200d SE Caravansite Blue £25,900 £20,505 £5,395
BX18 PCY A200d Sport Caravansite Blue £25,900 £20,545 £5,355
DS18 VLF A200d WhiteArt Polar Silver £31,685 £24,706 £6,979

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Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Save against list price in the practical hatchback from Mercedes-Benz. Be quick though, when these cars are gone... They're gone!

Model Colour List Price Price Now Save
VE18 BMU B180d AMG Line Cirrus White £30,475 £25,707 £4,768
BX18 OVS B180d Sport Cosmos Black £26,040 £18,950 £7,090
DN18 NTE B200d Sport Cirrus White £25,165 £21,602 £3,563

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class

We have massive savings against the list price on this legendary car. We'll have the right C-Class for you whether it's saloon, estate, coupe or the cabriolet to make the most of the summer!

Model Colour List Price Price Now Save
VU18 FYB C200 AMG Line 4MATIC Coupe Selenite Grey £41,285 £37,143 £4,142
VE18 BLV C200d Sport Saloon Polar White £34,370 £28,493 £5,877
VA67 EFK C220d 4MATIC Sport Estate Selenite Grey £40,095 £35,950 £4,145
BT18 RKA C220d AMG Line 4MATIC Cabriolet Obsidian Black £47,325 £40,679 £6,646
DL18 OCM C220d AMG Line Cabriolet Obsidian Black £44,865 £38,517 £6,348
VN18 SHJ C220d AMG Line Coupe Selenite Grey £41,065 £35,059 £6,006
BT18 RKY C220d Sport Saloon Obsidian Black £37,295 £31,183 £6,112
BT18 RKY C250d AMG Line Cabriolet Iridium Silver £44,819 £38,337 £6,482
DL18 OCF C250d AMG Line Coupe Polar White £43,145 £36,730 £6,415
BT18 RJV C250d 4MATIC AMG Line Estate Iridium Silver £43,365 £37,277 £6,088

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Mercedes-Benz GLC

The tough, versatile SUV from Mercedes-Benz, we have fantastic savings against list price. We have a large selection, so will defnitely have the right one for you, get in touch today and don't miss out. Here's a sample of the savings on offer:

Model Colour List Price Price Now Saving
BX18 OVZ GLC 220d 4MATIC AMG Line Designo Diamond White £43,075 £34,950 £8,125
VK18 OCX GLC 220d 4MATIC AMG Line Obsidian Black £43,515 £35,351 £8,164
VK18 YDH GLC 250d 4MATIC AMG Line Designo Diamond White £45,215 £37,974 £7,241
DX18 MXY GLC 250d 4MATIC Sport Selenite Grey £45,005 £37,793 £8,276
DX18 MXZ GLC 350d 4MATIC AMG Line Brilliant Blue £50,170 £42,168 £8,002
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As well as the above, we have savings across the range including on CLA, GLA, E-Class and more... Contact us today to find the right car for you.