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Smart Winter Tyres

The winter months bring challenging road conditions as wet and icy roads are frequently encountered. Preparing your car for this environment is important for the safety of you and all road users, and you should start by changing your tyres.

Cold weather tyres remain supple when the temperature drops below seven degrees celsius to help you to find grip in the wet and on ice and snow. They also reduce braking distances by ten percent in the wet, 15 percent on icy roads and up to 50 percent on snow. What’s more, cold weather tyres have a 20 percent better wear rate when compared to other tyre types, so the benefits of switching are clear.

Cold weather tyres are available today from Drayton smart, and you can visit your nearest service centre to have them fitted too. Our technicians can also complete a seasonal health check to assess your vehicle and make sure it is fully prepared for the changing weather conditions ahead.

Contact your local Drayton smart dealership to arrange a fitting and to find out more about all of our genuine manufacturer parts.

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