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The Drayton Difference

The Drayton Difference is embedded in our culture. A set of 6 core values that underpin everything we do. They ensure that we meet the Drayton ethos of treating employees and customers fairly.

It is important that all of our employees embrace these values which are the foundation of our past and future success.

Total Commitment to Customer Service – Customers are the primary consideration in every step of our decision making. Treating customers fairly with a positive recognition of their individual needs must be apparent in every contact we have with them.

Friendly Professionalism – our aim is to provide a well-informed, consultative service for our customers with a cheerful, positive attitude that builds proper robust relationships with customers that can last a lifetime.

Staff Empowered to Solve Customer Problems – Customers need timely decisions from empowered staff. Actions taken in the best interests of Customer Loyalty will have the full backing of Drayton Managers.

Open Door Policy – this dictates to our Directors and Managers that a key element of their role is to always be available to listen to staff and give full and proper consideration not only to any grievances but also to exciting new ideas and suggestions that can drive the business forward.

Respect for Customers and Colleagues alike – treating everyone with respect, dignity and sensitivity.

Environment of Continuous Improvement – for Drayton standing still is not an option. We continuously review every process and procedure, striving to ensure we maintain the elements of our business that have laid the foundations of our past success and develop those required to build a bright and successful future for customers and staff alike.

Drayton Difference Employee Recognition Scheme

Those staff “going the extra mile” and/or demonstrating excellence in relation to these core values are routinely recognised as part of the Company’s Drayton Difference employee recognition scheme.